Excerpts from December 2014 Issue of Tritt Family Newsletter


Tritt Family Research has known of an immigrant to America named Balthazar Tritt for many years, but very little genealogical information about him was known to us. For many years it was thought he arrived in America in the mid-1800s, possibly through the port of Charleston, South Carolina. Balthazar seemed likely to be the progenitor of many of the Tritts in southeastern United States.

Sue Tritt Baxter, of Colliersville, Tennessee, has been researching her ancestor, Balthas(z)ar Tritt. This is very likely the same aforementioned ‘mystery’ Balthazar. Sue stresses that her research is not completed, but she has discovered and documented some preliminary findings that cast new light on this little known Tritt.

“Balthus Triett” arrived in Philadelphia on 27 Sep. 1752, aboard the ship “Anderson”, which departed Europe from Rotterdam. [The first known Tritt immigrants to America (1739), Hans Peter and brother Christian, also set sail from Rotterdam, arriving in Philadelphia.] Beginning several years later, Balthasar Tritt/ Dritt(e), b. ?, d. 1797, a shoemaker, and his wife Magdalena had their five children (three girls and two boys, born alternately) christened between 1755 and 1766 in Lehigh Church, Lower Macungie Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. This is just southwest of Allentown, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles north of Philadelphia.

Balthasar’s younger son, Henrich (b. 1763, d. 1836), married Maria Catherina Dormeyer, who was also christened in Lehigh Church in 1763. Before 1774 the Dormeyer (Maria Catherina’s) family were near Catawba, North Carolina, and near that time Balthasar bought land in that area.

Sue’s work to date indicates Balthasar had a wife and five children before moving to North Carolina. Another researcher, Jean Tritt Edge, avers on web postings that Balthasar was single when he relocated there. Balthasar’s 1794 will, filed in Lincoln County, North Carolina, listed his children in the same order they were born and christened in Lehigh Church, so it is highly likely the same Balthasar.

So far, apparently nothing has been found on Balthasar and his ancestors in Europe. Though proof is needed, it seems plausible his lineage would go back to Switzerland. Sue is the seventh generation after Balthasar.

If you have any information on a Balthas(z)ar Tritt, Sue would like to talk to you. Contact Tritt Family Research at trittfamilyresearch@comcast.net and we will get you together.


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